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IndraMotion MLC motion logic control for hydraulic drives


Machines and plats are usually part of an entire network of process chains. Therefore availability and performance are important key factors for the success of the system and enterprise. Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership becomes more and more important. The rising demand for cross-technology solutions in industrial automation thus requires a consistent engineering approach. Flexible parameterization, easy commissioning and transparent diagnostics of all drives via one control system are what the our customers want.

Our answer: IndraMotion MLC: The Motion Logic Control for hydraulic drives –


A complete control for hydraulic, electric and hybrid drives with compact and control-based hardware: The IndraMotion MLC integrates an open PLC according to IEC 61131-3 with a powerful motion control. Rexroth is the pioneer in utilizing the advantages of motion logic systems also for hydraulic and hybrid drives.For the development of a cross technology control system Rexroth could benefits from its years of experience, kow-how and system competence in thousands of applications.

The motion control software covers the special features of the hydraulic system and decouples drives physics from the automation system. The result, all drives behave the same for both the control system and the operator. Additional feature such as Wizard Generic Application Template (GAT), Seq.ST sequential programming and Bundled I/O speed up the commissioning and configuration considerably and underline the innovation momentum released by the IndraMotion MLC.