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Open for your ideas


A complete control for hydraulic, electric and hybrid drives with compact and control-based hardware: The IndraMotion MLC integrates an open PLC according to IEC 61131-3 with a powerful motion control. Rexroth is the pioneer in utilizing the advantages of motion logic systems also for hydraulic and hybrid drives.


Open for new freedoms

This opens up new degrees of freedom in the modularization of your system, for IndraMotion MLC splits the drive physics from the automation. You can commission electric, hydraulic and hybrid drives equally conveniently and with the same engineering tools.

Open communications

Internationally standardized programming and open support of all common field bus systems and Ethernet protocols, reduces compexity: Irrespective of the master communication used, IndraMotion MLC fits seamlessly, thus reducing the number of variants required.

Open programming standards

Utilizing open programming standards, pre-defined function libraries and ready to use technology functions shorten your engineering times. Nevertheless, you can integrate own expertise securely at any time and thereby protect your competitive edge: IndraMotion MLC – open for your ideas.