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Ease of engineering


From engineering and commissioning through to diagnostics, IndraWorks shortens the time from the idea to the finished solution. The consistent engineering environment for all IndraMotion systems simplifies handling of the PLC, motion and all drive technologies.

Parameterization instead of programming

Whenever possible, Rexroth replaces complicated and timeconsuming programming by parameterization. Of special importance for complex tasks: IndraWorks also supports multi-project management for simultaneous engineering with version and user administration.

Dialog-supported ‘Agents‘ with comprehensive online help and tool tips simplify the configuration and handling of system peripherals. You can parameterize all drive types according to the physical situation with the help of uniform, user-friendly dialogs. The project explorer provides the required overview and serves as control center for all devices and functions of IndraMotion MLC. In this way, you will reach your goal faster, for one standardized engineering environment is sufficient for all your automation tasks.

IndraWorks – the integrated engineering tool

In addition to a wide range of control functions for hydraulic axes, Rexroth offers a consistent engineering tool: IndraWorks. Key parts of an application are created interactively e.g. with the GAT wizard (Generic Application Template). Programming is then performed preferably with the SeqST, sequential programming. This reduces the amount of engineering work by up to 50%.