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Hägglunds DUe Compact, drive unit

DUe Compact Drive Unit

When duty calls but space is an issue, count on the Hägglunds DUe Compact hydraulic drive unit to deliver truly reliable power.


Efficient hydraulic power for smaller applications

The Hägglunds DUe Compact drive unit is specifically designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance for hydraulic drive systems up to 90 kW of power. Engineered to fit into machine and industrial settings with limited space, it features a consolidated design with a small frame that is open enough to provide easy access to the hydraulic area.

The DUe Compact drive unit rounds out the diverse Hägglunds DUe family of hydraulic drive units, which combine fluid reservoir, control system and valving to form a complete Hägglunds drive system. A proven solution for demanding industrial applications such as apron feeders, bucket wheel reclaimers and wash presses, Hägglunds DUe Compact drive units are engineered to operate in harsh environments and are fully function-tested and ready to operate when delivered:

Key DUe Compact features

Bosch Rexroth has long set the industry standard for innovation in hydraulic technology. As the technology leader, we refine each system to incorporate the quality and capabilities you need to help maximize your system performance:

  • Maximum pressure: 350 bar
  • Maximum flow rates: 265 liters per minute at 50 Hz; 317 liters per minute at 60 Hz
  • Three types of oil coolers: air or water (plate or tube)
  • Multiple sensors: high-pressure, charge-pressure and standard level & temperature
  • Advanced Hägglunds Spider Control System – flexible and user-friendly, easily adaptable to multiple applications
  • Better torque control with fast response

Service for Hägglunds systems

Bosch Rexroth backs its Hägglunds drive technology with expert service and maintenance programs. Available exclusively through Bosch Rexroth, our Hägglunds service offerings feature quick assistance from certified service specialists, genuine Hägglunds spare parts, state-of-the-art techniques, inspection methods and tools.

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