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Hägglunds DUe Drive Units

DUe Compact Drive Unit

Hägglunds DUe Drive Units

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Few components – unlimited combinations

Our flexible DUe drive units are part of Hägglunds direct drive systems, comprising Hägglunds drive unit, Hägglunds motor and Hägglunds control systems.

With a Hägglunds DUe drive unit to match your Hägglunds motor you get with the same high quality throughout the entire drive system and an optimized solution to meet all your drive needs.

These drive units come in many different sizes and combinations. Download our drive unit catalogue for an overview of the many options and combinations.

Key features – Hägglunds DUe

We refine each system to incorporate the quality and capabilities you need to help maximize your system performance.

  • Configurable system - unlimited combinations
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Flexible solution – the drive unit can be easily positioned and offers the possibility to place it away from the drive on a convenient location.
  • Sound insulated cabinet
  • Equipped with Hägglunds advanced control system
  • Hägglunds original spare parts to guarantee function, quality and service life of the complete drive system.

Service for Hägglunds systems

Bosch Rexroth backs its Hägglunds drive technology with expert service and maintenance programs. Available exclusively through Bosch Rexroth, our Hägglunds service offerings feature quick assistance from certified service specialists, genuine Hägglunds spare parts, state-of-the-art techniques, inspection methods and tools.

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