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Hägglunds drive units

Hägglunds drive unit

Few components - unlimited combinations

Together with a Hägglunds motor, the Hägglunds Drive Unit is a part of a complete Hägglunds Drive System. An optimized solution for all your drive needs.

Hägglunds drive units are easy to install and are fully function tested before delivery. With our proven, modularized solutions we provide you with maximized uptime, easy commissioning and quick and easy maintenance.

Our monitoring and control system (Hägglunds Spider) delivers excellent controllability to the drive system. With a Hägglunds drive unit to match your motors you have the same quality throughout the entire drive system.

All parts are engineered to give you the optimal solution for your needs.


  • Well proven technical solution
  • Flexible
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • High delivery performance
  • Excellent controllability
  • Easy to customize

Hägglunds DUe

A Hägglunds Drive Unit that comes in three sizes. A versatile solution to match your Hägglunds motors.

Hägglunds DUe Compact

A compact Hägglunds Drive Unit for smaller spaces and power up to 90 kW.

Hägglunds Spider Control System

Hägglunds Spider control system

The Hägglunds Spider is the monitoring and control system for the Hägglunds Drive Unit. It delivers excellent controllability to your drive system.