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Open Core Interface – new levels of freedom in engineering

The new application options now available for smart devices, together with their integration into IT infrastructures, are changing the automation sector.

With the Open Core Interface, users enjoy PLC programming and unparalleled flexibility with device platform selection and high-level language integration in machine projects.

In addition,the interface supports Google Android and Apple iOS – the most important operating systems for smart devices. In doing so, it enables direct access to control functions with native applications.


High-level language programming with free choice of device platform

  • C/C++, C# (.NET), Visual Basic, VBA (Office), LabVIEW G, Objective-C, Java
  • Development environment: MS Visual Studio, LabVIEW, Eclipse, Xcode, Wind River Workbench
  • Individual applications in realtime on the control or in non-realtime on a PC or smart device

Integration of smart devices in factory automation

  • Native IT applications run on smart devices with direct access to the control
  • No need to change the machine program

Multi-server and multi-client support

  • Parallel access to the control from different user applications
  • Simultaneous connection to several controls