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Engineering Network – SDK download

SDK download

The Open Core Interface represents the technology from Bosch Rexroth to direct access the Open Core functions of our control or drive systems.

The Motion Logic Programming Interface (MLPI) is the software implementation of this technology for the system IndraLogic XLC and IndraMotion MLC.

The Easy Automation Library (EAL) is used for IndraDrive and IndraMotion MLD.


The getting started folder provides an overview of the technologies and tools that are used. In the online references, the programming interfaces for the different development systems are described in detail. The current and older versions of the Open Core Interface SDK for the motion logic systems IndraLogic XLC, IndraMotion MLC and MLD as well as for the drives IndraDrive are available in the download folder.

The SDK consists of: Toolbox, runtime libraries, installation guide, sample code, help system, API references