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Fit for Industry 4.0 - Collaboration with IT-Partners

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    In collaboration with well-known IT partners, Bosch Rexroth demonstrates every year at the SPS IPC Drives how machinery builders make their facility fit for Industry 4.0 quickly, easily, and at low cost.


In an intelligent production network, all of the components have to be able to communicate at the most advanced level. A decisive challenge is the exchange of information between automation components from various manufacturers. This calls for mandatory open standards for communication. Open Core Engineering combines the efficient software engineering of PLC-based automation with IT-based solutions and technologies in integrated facilities based on open software and communication standards.

The programming languages used in the machine world up to now penetrate new production networks using a deep functional and data technology connection between PLC-based machine controls and IT-based applications at their limits. Thus Industry 4.0 demands strong support of multilingual global solutions from intelligent automation components and adaptive machines. With automation with connected intelligence, machinery manufacturers manage the challenges for intelligent and adaptive machine modules as well as for integrating IT-based solutions.

IT providers specialized in various software applications and established in the market are currently using open core engineering with Bosch Rexroth to develop joint solutions for application scenarios within Industry 4.0. As a result, machinery construction opens up unknown opportunities to easily connect available IT-based tools and solutions with machine automation. At SPS IPC Drives , the ten partner companies present their software solutions for integrated IT automation in connection with the Rexroth connected intelligence assembly kit.