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Introducing new temperature sensor for servo motors MS2N

New temperature sensor PT1000

A new temperature sensor PT1000 will be introduced for the new motor product line MS2N and will be orderable by June 2017.

Due to the discontinuation of the current sensor KTY84 by its manufacturer a sensor change to the new type PT1000 is technically necessary. In product area Electric Drives and Controls the changeover will be done stepwise, beginning with product line MS2N.

Further Link

For further information please click on the link below:

Product catalog synchronous servo motor - MS2N

Technical documentation synchronous servo motor - MS2N


Changeover schedule

  • MS2N with PT1000 orderable from 01. June 2017
  • MS2N with KTY84 from June 2017 in status "AL" (product in discontinuation)
  • MS2N with KTY84 from 01.07.2018 in status "SV" (service product)

Type code MS2N

For MS2N with PT1000 a new option type code ("N") will be introduced as well as new material numbers.

Type changeover for sample MS2N03:

  • KTY        MS2Nxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxAxx-xx
  • PT1000  MS2Nxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxNxx-xx