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Motion control system MLC – maximum flexibility in any application

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    Simple, open and flexible

    The motion control system MLC gives any freedom you need to meet all your requirements for comprehensive and modern machine automation.


Performance and openness whatever the platform

Using state-of-the-art PLC technology with object-oriented language extensions for simplified modularization, the motion control system MLC provides the perfect foundation for intelligent automation of production machinery and plants: the motion, robot and logic control joins forces with technological functions to form a high-performance runtime system with application-based task settings. This allows for both fast I/O signal processing and highly dynamic motion control tasks – not to mention with up to 192 axes using a single control.

Furthermore, by means of Open Core Engineering, the motion control system MLC connects what have up to now been the separate worlds of PLC and IT automation. This combination makes possible previously unknown degrees of freedom, flexibility, and efficiency in automation. The Open Core Interface for software allows you to access the core of the control system for the first time. In this way, users can create bespoke control functions themselves using high-level languages and run them directly on the control in real time if they wish.

  • Open Core

    Highest levels of efficiency in software engineering

    Open Core Engineering

    Open Core Engineering

    • A perfectly coordinated tool chain for all phases of the engineering workflow throughout the entire product life cycle of a machine
    • Function toolkits extend the standard PLC functionality of the engineering framework IndraWorks with technology-orientated solutions
    • Consistent use of internationally recognized open standards and the latest technologies
    • Open Core Interface as a bridge between PLC based engineering and IT automation

  • System

    Motion control system MLC

    System design

    Motion control system MLC

    • Automation system for consistent and modern machine automation
    • Integrated runtime system for motion, robot, logic and hydraulic control according to the open PLC standard IEC 61131-3
    • Scaled IndraControl hardware platform with flexible expansion options for central and distributed automation topologies
    • Flexible integration in an extremely wide variety of different topologies using the Sercos automation bus as well as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS as options
    • Support of electric, hydraulic and hybrid drives
    • Can be expanded for safety control up to PLe/Cat. 4 (EN ISO 13849-1) or SIL3 (IEC 62061)

  • Hardware

    IndraControl hardware platform

    Control hardware

    Control hardware

    • Embedded control CML and XM with extension options for technology, communication and I/O
    • Box PC VP - IPC controller hardware
    • IP20 I/O system S20 and IP20 I/O system Inline for local and distributed connection in IP20 protection class
    • IP67 I/O system S67 for distributed connection in IP67 protection class

  • Logic

    Logic Control



    • CoDeSys V3-based PLC programming using all editors according to IEC 61131-3, 3rd edition
    • Object-oriented language extensions for modular machine design and enhanced software quality
    • Function toolkit Generic Application Template (GAT) with highly functional application templates including status machines, operating modes, diagnostics, and the corresponding data interfaces to automatically create modular machine programs
    • Comprehensive diagnostics and comparison functions for the project and the PLC program, online/offline

  • Motion

    Motion Control



    • Highly flexible motion control for linear and non-linear interpolation
    • Function toolkit FlexProfile for time and position-controlled motion profiles with graphical creation of the segments
    • Function toolkit Technology for easy implementation of process-oriented functions in the form of PLC function blocks that you can use straight away
    • A wide range of wizards for easy adaptation and parameterization of movements

  • Robotics

    Robot Control



    • User-friendly creation of motion control applications using interpolation in space
    • A large number of ready-to-use kinematics and transformations for standard robotics applications
    • Configuration and parameterization using dialog boxes
    • PLCopen-compliant programming and data interface
    • Kinematic interface combined with GAT makes PLC programming easier
    • Can be programmed completely in high-level languages using the Open Core Interface

  • Hydraulics

    Hydraulic control


    • Best-in-class motion control for hydraulic applications
    • Central or distributed control of electro-hydraulic axes
    • Extended command set for the Structured Text (ST) language to easily program sequential procedures using IndraWorks
    • Comprehensive libraries for hydraulics applications

  • Safety


    Safety Technology

    Safety Technology

    • Easy to extend the motion control system MLC making it into a safety control
    • Logic processing up to Cat. 4 PLe/SIL3 for complex machines and extensive plants
    • CIP safety on Sercos and PROFIsafe for integration of distributed safety peripherals
    • Complete engineering in IndraWorks for standard and safety application