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Swivel work chairs


Dynamic seating - ergonomic and functional

Many people spend the majority of their lives at their workstation - particularly in the production sector. Ergonomics and a healthy posture are particularly important for your staff as they work on production lines, machinery or conveyor belts. A good swivel work chair must provide optimal support to dynamic sitting if it is to promote the health of the people using it. It must be able to be customized to the particular user and the typical movements he makes during his work.

You can optimize the ergonomic layout of your workstations very easily just with functional swivel work chairs that are specially designed for the relevant work situation. They effectively cushion the particular physical stresses causes by constant repetitive movements. They help each individual worker to maintain a healthy sitting posture while they are carrying on their activities. This allows you to enhance physical wellbeing and productivity at the workplace and reduce absences due to musculoskeletal complaints.

Here at Rexroth, we develop ergonomic solutions in close cooperation with occupational physicians and ergonomics experts who have in-depth knowledge of the working situation of people across a wide range of industries. This is boosted by findings gained from decades of experience in the industrial production environment.

Advantages at a glance

  • Supports the S shape of the vertebral column, lumbar support
  • Encourages dynamic sitting through synchronous techniques and weight regulation
  • Extendable control elements for easy adjustment
  • Ergonomic accessories
  • Tapered backrest for greater upper arm freedom
  • Hard-wearing and easy to clean materials
  • 1 chair design for all areas of use
  • Simple modeling including man model of the entire workplace in the MTpro project planning tool
  • Use of environmentally-friendly materials

Fields of application

  • Assembly and production workplaces
  • ESD workstations
  • Clean room assembly
  • Test and inspection workstations
  • Standing aids for production facilities and workshops