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Flow racks and material shuttles


Everything always at hand: With Rexroth profiles, you can easily reconcile lean production concepts, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and ergonomics. Flexible solutions for supplying materials to the workstation guarantee an optimum workflow along your assembly line.



Applications with profile


  • Ergonomic lift with lockable Kanban flow rack

    Ergonomic lift with lockable Kanban flow rack

    Ergonomics on every level—the combination of a lift and Kanban flow racks allows the ergonomic loading of Kanban flow racks.

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  • Features


    • Ergonomic lift for the power-assisted lifting of loads
    • Gravity-driven Kanban supply and return lines
    • Lockable unloading point
  • Usage


    • A lifting force constantly independent of the load reduces the wokload for employees
    • Simple box transport without adding additional energy
    • Correct rack stocks


Standard material shuttle logistics with grab containers


Standard material shuttle logistics


Picking stations with kanban flow racks


Multi-user workstation with dockable material shuttle