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Automatic Chain Lubrication for TS 2plus


The automatic lubrication unit LU 2 provides a cost efficient lubrication solution for all TS 2plus conveyor chains. Drive specific adapter sets enable optimum lubrication efficiency by dependable clean and precise lubrication directly at the chain links. The replaceable lubrication cartridges are filled with 0.25l of special chain lube. The continuous operation always ensures fresh lubricant on the chain. All brackets and hoses for quick and easy installation directly at the drive unit are included with LU 2.

Ordering data and promotional prices (from 01/01/2012 until 31/03/2012) here .

Automatic chain lubrication LU 2

  • efficient lubrication for all kinds of Rexroth TS 2plus conveyor chains
  • pre-engineered kit allows for easy installation
  • up to 6 months maintenance free operation with one lubrication cartridge

Lubrication unit components

  • basic kit LU 2 includes drive unit, hoses and all fittings and brackets (1, 3)
  • lubrication cartridge LC 2, filled with 0,25l special chain lube (2)
  • specific dispenser pins for TS 2plus flat-top chain and roller chain drive units (4)

Ready for installation

  • Advantage:

complete kit with all required mounting brackets, hoses and fittings

  • Benefit:

quick and easy installation, can also be retro-fitted

Efficient continuous lubrication

  • Advantage:

continually fresh lubricant at the lubrication point

  • Benefit:

increased machine availability

Specific oil dispenser pins

  • Advantage:

optimum lubrication efficency by dependable, clean and precise lubrication

  • Benefit:

environmentally friendly and reduced consumption of lubricants

Precise lubrication control

  • Advantage:

fine control of lubrication by pulsing power supply

  • Benefit:

avoiding of both, excess and starved lubrication