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Vplus Accumulation Roller Chain

Marginal Column

Transfer System TS 2plus


The new Vplus accumulation roller chains for Rexroth’s TS 2plus transfer system enable quick changeover times between individual stations and a reduction of overall cycle times. The ingenious technology in the chain’s integrated transmission offers high conveyor speeds and accelerations. Therefore, workpiece pallets on the Vplus chain run 2.5 times as fast as the chain itself. At the same time, lower chain speeds offer several advantages, such as extremely smooth running and lower wear. Due to the high acceleration values of the Vplus accumulation roller chain, workpiece pallets quickly regain their transport speed after leaving the processing stations. This saves time in transport and reduces cycle times overall.

Conveyor sections with Vplus accumulation roller chains are available as ready- to-run modules up to 6 meters in length. In addition to fully assembled belt sections, users can also assemble sections from individual components, such as drive stations or return units and sections. The new accumulation roller chain is reversible up to a length of 2000 millimeters, thus enabling their use in “dead end” sections. The maximum permissible section load is 100 kilograms per meter.