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Success Stories about Assembly Technology


Here you will find the success stories about Assembly Technology:


Manual Production Systems


Healthy employees are more productive

Ergonomic, height-adjustable assembly line from Bosch Rexroth ensures flexible and efficient manufacturing processes for tamper-proof packaging systems.

Increased Productivity at Shorter Cycle Times

Handy lean production units consisting of the EcoShape tubular framing system and aluminum profiles from Bosch Rexroth for the production of high-speed drives.


MORE TRANSPARENCY IN THE WAREHOUSE ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes key figures for logistics in real time.


Material and Information Flow Technology


Precise travel through 37 stations

Linear motor-driven transfer system ActiveMover ensures short auxiliary process times in an assembly system in special machine building.

Precise, safe, space-saving

The chain conveyor system VarioFlow plus brings tea in motion – even in narrow space.


Engineering - Software Mtpro


Fast commissioning thanks to efficient project planning

Design the complete assembly line fast and individually with the planning software MTpro.