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Production know-how and precision technology


Profiled Rail Systems from Bosch Rexroth:

Precise, reliable, simple.

Our production expertise comes from industry knowledge and our wide-ranging experience which Bosch Rexroth staff incorporate into qualitatively high-class products to constantly optimize them and to satisfy our customers' high requirements.

Maximum precision, flexibility as well as saving time and money are the compelling characteristics of our Profiled Rail Systems which can offer your company many advantages.

Find out more about topics relating to profiled rails and receive information about the high-precision effect, interchangeability and cover strip in particular.


High-precision effect for optimal machining results

The steel bearing plates of the profiled rails are manufactured with such precision that they are subjected to increasing load as the curvature becomes more convex. The rollers and balls of the Runner Block no longer crash their way into the load-bearing zone through an oblique entry zone, but rather transition smoothly on a tangential, ideally angled deflection curve into the load-bearing zone. This produces a high-precision effect for better machining results and surface quality.

  • Animation of the high-precision effect in assembly

High-precision Ball/Roller Runner Block

Conventional Ball/Roller Runner Block



Your benefits:

  • Improved travel accuracy
  • Reduced friction force oscillations
  • Maximum precision

Flexible planning and high level of compatibility due to the interchangeability

Maximum cost-efficiency in logistics and assembly. Total cost of ownership is one of the key performance indicators in modern business management. To offer you the utmost in flexibility and efficiency, we manufacture our products according to a unique design principle: interchangeability.

This is where the “inner values” count most. The rolling element sets and the raceways in the Runner Blocks and Guide Rails are manufactured to such a high degree of standardization and precision that each element can be replaced by another, regardless of the format, without any problems and above and beyond the accuracy class. This means that each component, i.e. Runner Block or Guide Rail, can be ordered and stocked separately in any accuracy class and format – which saves an immense amount of time and money in terms of logistics, assembly and service.



Your benefits:

  • Save money on logistics and assembly
  • More flexibility

Simple mounting using the cover strip

The cover strip from Rexroth is made of rustproof spring steel in order to provide a smooth surface – a requirement of central importance for Profiled Rail Systems. It reduces the chances of the seals wearing out, causing dirt to enter the Runner Block. In many applications, this has a positive effect on the relubrication intervals. At the same time the cover strip provides optimum protection against the ingress of chips and fine dust into the Runner Block when it passes over the bore holes.

The cost-effectiveness of the cover strip also makes itself felt during installation, as it takes only one work step to cover all bore holes. This eliminates the effort otherwise involved in inserting the conventional plastic caps. With a rail length of two meters you can save up to 30 percent of the mounting time, for example.

Cover strips can be delivered either alongside the Guide Rails or as a separate part for retrofitting, stock-keeping and replacements.

Mounting a cover strip

the cover strip


Your benefits:

  • Easy and reliable mounting
  • Enormous time savings compared to individual covers