Ball Screw Assemblies


Benefits at first glance:

  • Extra-quiet running thanks to optimized ball pickup from the guideway
  • Uniform functioning based on the principle of total internal recirculation
  • Large number of balls for high load capacities
  • D x n parameters of 150 000 now permit highly dynamic applications
  • Effective seals with wiping action
  • Trouble-free installation of nuts
  • Large range of items available from stock
  • Five-day express delivery available on request

Standard Range

Rexroth Ball Screw Assemblies do not only work with greater levels of accuracy and at higher speeds, they can also be supplied at very short notice. A wide range of precision screws and preloaded or adjustable-preload single and double nuts is available for all feeding, positioning and conveying tasks.

Screw Assembly with Front Lubrication Unit

The new Rexroth VSE front lubrication unit for screw drives in diameters of 20, 25, 32 and 40 offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership: without maintenance attention or central lubrication it provides optimum lubrication for up to 300 million revolutions or 5 years of operation in normal conditions.

Asia Series Connection dimensions per JIS

Nut program with bigger outer diameters, bigger flange diameters and counterbores in the flange, according to JIS B1192 (table 5)