Ball Screw Assemblies

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The Ball Screw Assembly as a design form of Screw Assemblies offers a comprehensive range of nut and spindle types. Matching nut housings as well as specific end machining are available.

You can use the order data to compile all nuts and screws (screw end machining included) as a complete ball screw assembly and submit it as an inquiry.

There is no general limit for the combination of nuts and spindles.

All design versions are available in the Rexroth Ball Screw Assembly Configurator, too. With the Configurator you can configurate an individual Ball or Planetary Screw Assembly stepwise.

The general catalogue options as well as approved product specifications can be chosen. After you have finished the configuration successfully, you can download the result in form of a 3D-Model.

For the end machining there are several predefined standard version but individual designs are possible, too.

The Configurator has a connection to the Rexroth eShop so next to the possibility of considering the price you can order directly.

The variety of spindle diameters ranges from 6 to 80 millimeters. In addition, several nut types are selectable.


  • Extra-quiet running for a optimized ball pickup from the guideway
  • Uniform functioning based on the principle of total internal recirculation
  • Large number of balls for high load capacities
  • D x n parameters of 150 000 permit highly dynamic applications
  • Effective seals with wiping action
  • Easy installation of nuts
  • Large range of items available from stock
  • Five-day express delivery available on request

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