Planetary Screw Assemblies

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Planetary Screw Assemblies


Using the PLSA Planetary Screw Assemblies, Rexroth extends the area of application of their screw assemblies by the fast movement of high loads.

In Planetary Screw Assemblies, several planets are positioned rotation-symmetrically in one nut. They rotate parallel to the axis around a rolled threaded spindle and generate a linear motion.

The numerous construction-inherent contact surfaces lead to high axial stiffness and load-bearing capacity and thus allow for a long service life. PLSAs achieve highest positioning accuracy and repeatability even with minimum travel movements.

Benefits at a glance

    • high load-bearing capacity and stiffness due to numerous, large contact surfaces
    • low-noise operation due to guided planets
    • small installation space due to increased power density
    • reduced lubricant consumption and good environmental protection thanks to effective seals
    • different nut designs available