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eLINE Linear Bushings and Shafts


eLINE linear bushings and shafts are a further development of Rexroth`s familiar linear bushings and shafts range.

The linear bushings and linear sets are supplied in a clearance-free version. They are pre-greased and hence lubricated for life. Components are available for shaft diameters from 8 mm to 40 mm, with optional shaft brackets.

The linear bushings need only to be pressed into the locating holes without the user having to provide any elaborate support as otherwise usual.

Benefits at a glance

    • very economically priced linear bushing for general requirements
    • small exterior dimensions for particularly compact constructions
    • integrated metal holding rings (size 12 to 40) for secure seating in the housing bore
    • easy mounting: simply press in – no additional fixtures needed
    • hardened steel segments with conformity of fit for balls in the track, hence high load capacity and long life
    • high process speed (5 m/s)
    • numerous cavities act as lubricant reservoir for long lubricating intervals or permanent lubrication
    • the cavities also collect any dirt which gets in from the outside, thus preventing the linear bushing from becoming clogged
    • integrated seal rings
    • corrosion-resistant version also available for medicine, chemicals and the food industry
    • linear sets with aluminium housing
    • lubricated for life