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Linear Bushings and Shafts


In the wide range of linear bushings and shafts described below you will find the right solution for every requirement.

Compact Linear Bushings

The Compact linear bushing corresponds largely to the eLINE linear bushing. It is characterized by small dimensions and reduced radial clearance. Thanks to the integrated metal holding rings on this version, there is no need for any additional axial fixing in the locating hole as is usually the case.

Super Linear Bushings

The Super linear bushing is offered with and without integrated misalignment compensation. Of all the various designs available, it has the highest load capacity.

Standard Linear Bushings

The Standard linear bushing is particularly robust thanks to its steel cage. It is suitable for applications exposed to severe soiling such as in the woodworking industry

Segment Linear Bushings

The Segment linear bushing comes with a sturdy plastic housing and is the most economically priced ready-to-install linear bushing and shaft system. It is very well suited for applications in corrosive conditions or with exacting requirements in terms of cleanliness.

Linear Sets

Linear sets are complete bearing units which are comprised of a housing with one or two Rexroth linear bushings. They are available in numerous different configurations.

Torque Linear Bushings

Torque linear bushings are fully fledged longitudinal guides with just a single shaft. Torque transmission is performed via lower-lying ball circuits. These torque linear bearings are available with several track grooves depending on the level of torque to be transmitted.