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Gehring Technologies GmbH
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Tough application

Fully ready-to-mount, highly dynamic load/unload system with all components from one source.

Ingenious solution

Economical, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance handling system for fast and precise honing processes.


"Systems from one source are becoming increasingly popular. We make use of our personal point of contact at Rexroth to obtain them."

Robert Wittmann, Gehring

Gehring Technologies GmbH

Solved with

  • Rexroth drive & control systems
  • Rexroth linear axes CRK 20-145 and CKK 15-110
  • Product component Central Lubrication Management

Gehring: Honing center with pre-finished load/unload system from Bosch Rexroth

Maximum Precision in the Clean Factory

Mainly in automobile manufacturing, honing processes under clean factory conditions are becoming increasingly important: Function optimized surfaces by engines and power train are essential for the realization of the highest standards of precision, reduced fuel and oil consumption, minimum wear, and low emission levels. For the machining centers of the L 630-1 GT series, machine manufacturer Gehring therefore makes use of ready-to-mount load/unload systems from Bosch Rexroth.


Since about 90 years machine manufacturer Gehring Technologies from Ostfildern, Germany, has established a reputation as a specialist for honing technologies. The eight new and clean factory ready machining centers of the L 630-2 GT series are designed for the honing, cleaning, and drying of the gear shafts in cogwheels of 7-speed dual clutch transmission systems. The central oil lubrication unit of the machine directly supplies the 16 integrated load/unload systems from Bosch Rexroth, which offer maximum precision and dynamics during the clean processing of the cogwheels.

Ready-to-mount, maintenance-free and low-wear

Gehring realizes the handling systems with a complete solution from Bosch Rexroth: The modular construction kit provided by the longtime partner includes drive components as well as a broad variety of individually configurable linear axes. The loading and unloading of cogwheels can be accomplished in extremely short processing times of about 25 seconds at a positioning accuracy of +/-0,2 mm. The Rexroth solution also convinces with its compact design and high dynamics. Linear, drive and control components as well as customer-specific elements perfectly work together across technologies. The entire project planning, construction and assembly of the handling system was carried out by Bosch Rexroth.