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Wear-free and cost-efficient alternative to more complex solutions based on glass scales.


Contact-free and low-maintenance integrated measuring system – highly accurate and robust.


"The new measuring system from Rexroth offers the same accuracy as glass scales. It is practically indestructible."
Wolfgang Rüttinger, SAMAG


SAMAG: Integrated measuring system IMS-I from Bosch Rexroth stands the test in deep-hole drilling center


Highly precise and almost indestructible

Machine tools, which are used in the manufacturing of components for automobiles and trucks for instance, have to fulfill the highest demands on precision, but also must be resistant against interfering magnetic fields, chippings and lubricants. After comprehensive tests with a deep-hole drilling center, the Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH SAMAG in Saalfeld, Germany, therefore now put their trust in the integrated measuring system IMS-I from Bosch Rexroth.

At SAMAG everything pivots on maximum precision in rough environments. Therefore, the company tested the integrated measuring system IMS-I in one of their deep-hole drilling centers for the manufacturing of injections molds. Other than glass scales, integrated measuring systems do not require any sealing air connections and associated filter units in the feed and positioning axes and thus help to reduce costs and installation efforts. With a repeatability of +/- 0.25 μm the integrated measuring system IMS-I offers the same precision as solutions utilizing glass scales. Furthermore the system is wear-free and resistant against interfering magnetic fields and all kinds of dirt emerging at production facilities.


Sophisticated design for increased productivity

The coded scale of the IMS-I is integrated into the profiled rail system and protected against the most severe impacts and vibrations. The highly precise sensors and the electronic components are placed inside the scanner which is directly mounted on the roller or ball runner blocks for reduced installation and maintenance efforts. The measuring sensor scans the increments without contact and electronically interpolates the position. Traverse distances of up to 4,500 mm can be easily realized with IMS-I.