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Finding a replacement for highly sensitive glass scales that performs the same length measuring tasks in Linear Motion Technology with the same precision.


Maintenance-free IMS measuring system


“The IMS is the best system we’ve ever used. It delivers top results and saves us substantial costs.”

Stefan Dorn, Head of Advanced Engineering and Technical Product Management for Linear Motion Technology

Solved with

  • Integrated Measuring System IMS
  • Versions IMS-I (incremental) and IMS-A (absolute value) are used
  • Proof of concept in our own plant for Linear Motion Technology in Schweinfurt

Best practice in our own plant: the maintenance-free IMS measuring system saves tens of thousands of euros


Goodbye glass scales! Rexroth is putting its trust in Integrated Measuring Systems

In order to accommodate the increased degree of accuracy required for Linear Motion Systems within metal machining, Bosch Rexroth has been using its own measuring system, IMS, for its new and upgraded machine tools in the Schweinfurt plant for the last three years. Abandoning classic glass scales saves the company a significant sum of money and provides maintenance-free operation without malfunctions as well as maximum precision.

As a manufacturer of high-precision Linear Motion Technology, Bosch Rexroth produces profiled rails, Runner Blocks and ball screw drives, among other things, in its Schweinfurt plant. To achieve top quality, Rexroth relied exclusively on optical position measuring systems in the form of glass scales in machining until 2014. The disadvantage: even on longer stretches they are very expensive and also cause regular maintenance costs. But with the IMS measuring system integrated in the linear guides, it’s another story; since it measures without contact via induction, it is virtually wear and maintenance free. The system accuracy of the IMS is on par with the glass scales and achieves a repeatability of +/- 0.25 μm. The IMS is immune to vibrations, shocks and magnetic interference and can also be used in working areas where there are metalworking fluids, dust and shavings.

Minimizes maintenance effort and not a single failure in three years

After Rexroth started to fit all new and upgraded machine tools with the IMS three years ago, the result has been clear: the precision of the measuring system meets the highest demands while the operational and maintenance costs have greatly decreased. It used to be that the measuring signal had to be checked every year and this caused unnecessary breaks in production. These days, the IMS operates completely without any maintenance and is so reliable that there has not been a single machine failure in all this time. Investing in the use of its integrated Measuring System turned out to be the right move for Bosch Rexroth in all areas and has allowed savings to be made throughout the entire life of the machine.