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Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co. KG
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Tough application

Precise roller rail systems for significantly improved manufacturing quality

Ingenious solution

The robust roller rail systems of the RSHP series are especially quiet, allow for higher load-bearing capacities and impress with their extraordinary precision and positioning speed


„Our customers manufacture e. g. turbine components with up to six different simultaneous axes. This is why the improved running smoothness of the carriages is one of the most important aspects for our machines.“

Klaus Kreim, Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co. KG

Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co. KG

Solved with

Roller rail system RSHP


Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co. KG: Rexroth roller rail systems for optimal production quality

Eroding with Maximum Precision

The mechanical engineering company Zimmer & Kreim, based in Brensbach, Germany, has been using Rexroth roller rail systems for many years in order to meet the highest demands on precision, loadbearing capacity and product lifetime. By means of the new generation of the extraordinarily quiet Rexroth High Precision RSHP roller rail systems, the enterprise has managed to further increase the manufacturing quality.


Zimmer & Kreim provides highly precise eroding machines for the single-item and batch production of large components. The machines have to ensure the best possible workpiece surface quality, minimal manufacturing tolerances, and maximum repetitive accuracy even in the micrometer range. In order to optimally meet those requirements, the company now makes use of Rexroth RSHP roller rail systems. They not only improve the smooth running of the carriages, but also enhance the machine’s system rigidity with their increased load-bearing capacity.

Low vibration level for highest workpiece quality

The improved inlet zone for the carriages facilitates a very smooth, low-vibration transition to the load zone. Thanks to the high traversing speeds of the carriages, Zimmer & Kreim eroding machines now achieve feed rates of 10 m/min (X and Y axis) and 18 m/min (Z axis). The precise positioning of the X axis is realized by means of two synchronized servo-motors and Rexroth ball rail systems. A particularly gentle and universal lubrication and sealing concept helps to extend lubrication intervals by 20 percent. Rexroth RSHP carriages can also be used with older roller rail systems – thus, it was possible to reduce the large variety of diff erent components by two thirds to simplify maintenance measures, repair processes and the supply of spare parts.