Controllers, Motors and Accessories

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Controllers, Motors and Accessories


Rexroth offers a variety of controllers and motors to match its linear motion systems. The interfaces have been ideally configured so that users can start up the systems without any need for tuning.

To achieve the most economical solution for each specific application, there is a choice of various motor-controller combinations. When dimensioning the drive, the chosen motor-controller combination must always be taken into account.

Benefits at a glance

Servo motors:

  • Flexible communication (broad spectrum of commonly used interfaces allows flexible linkage to various control systems and different controller types)
  • High dynamics thanks to optimized torque/inertia ratio
  • Incremental or absolute position signals
  • Automatic control loop setting
  • Convenient and time-saving start-up
  • Cost-saving power supply network connections for international use
  • Energy-efficient

Three-phase motors, stepping motors:

  • Automatic motor adjustment to standard control inputs U/f
  • DC braking
  • Slip compensation for high static speed accuracy
  • Parameter interlock as protection against parameter changes
  • Error memory recording all relevant operating data at occurrence of the error