Electromechanical Cylinder

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Electromechanical Cylinder


When it comes to actuators electromechanical drive solutions become more and more important compared to fluid power driven technologies. The Electromechanical Cylinders from Rexroth are a powerful alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, while providing significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency, a prime goal in engineering today.

They make the benefits of advanced control technology available, even at high forces. Force, position and speed can be freely parameterized by the user and flexibly adapted at all times to new tasks via the drive system.

All important components come from Rexroth's service-proven range of standard products.

The mechanics of the Electromechanical Cylinders is based on established planetary or ball screw assemblies available in various sizes and leads.

Rexroth offers the cylinders both as finished, purely mechanical axes as well as a complete system with precisely matched gears, servo motors and controllers from the IndraDrive product line.

Electromechanical Cylinder - EMC

  • Maximum travel: up to 1500 mm
  • Maximum velocity: up to 1.6 m/s
  • Maximum axial force: up to 56.000 N
  • Dynamic load rating: up to 93.000 N

Electromechanical Cylinder-Heavy Duty - EMC-HD

  • Maximum travel: up to 1.700 mm
  • Maximum velocity: up to 1.0 m/s
  • Maximum axial force: up to 290.000 N
  • Dynamic load rating: up to 470.000 N


  • High energy efficiency and small environmental footprint
  • Simple, compact and robust design for space-saving integration in machine concepts
  • Suitable for connection with automated lubrication systems
  • Complete portfolio and great variability for a high level of flexibility for your applications
  • Precise positioning, high dynamics, powerful drive and a long service life due to the use of precision screw assemblies
  • Ready-to-install, turn-key complete system for easy, quick and functionally reliable installation and fast-start-up
  • Intelligent drive system for free programmability and the realization of complex motion cycles (free parameterization of force, position and speed over the complete stroke)
  • Optional force load pin for easy set up of force controlled axis