Feed Modules


The Feed Modules from Rexroth are suitable for using in handling applications as vertical axes or actuators. The complete linear units reduce the necessary drive power due to the smaller dead weight being moved and can achieve extremely precise, infinitely variable positions.


  • Complete module with guidance system and drive
  • Compact design
  • Low dead mass to be moved
  • Dynamic drive
  • High torque capacity of guidance system
  • Quick assembly thanks to easy-2-combine interface
  • Carefully chosen standardized lengths
  • Easy configuration using option codes
  • Various servomotors and stepping motors can be attached

The modules consist of a fixed aluminum main body, a profiled aluminum tube with eLINE Hybrid Technology and runner blocks and spindles of different pitches and sizes.

The spindle moves a profiled aluminum tube, the spindle sleeve into which two steel tracks are admitted. Two fixed runner blocks in the main body guide the spindle sleeve accurately and cushion high longitudinal and transverse torques. The quadratic main bodies with cross-sections of 50mm, 70 mm and 100 mm, rastered, cover strokes of up to 400 mm.

Another special feature is the quick and easy assembly using the easy-2-combine interface. This positive connection technology with centering rings saves laborious alignment. In addition, unlike in many conventional solutions, you are also spared specially manufactured adapters.

You can order the feed modules either with a flange or belt auxiliary transmission for mounting on motors, or ready assembled as complete axes. There is a wide range of servomotors or stepping motors with an absolute encoder or standard encode and an optional brake. Positioning the motor on the fixed main body makes the electrical connection easier for you.