Electrically driven MSC-EL Mini Slide


Minimal installation efforts

Simply screw on, connect three cables, and parameterize the positions to be adopted. The ready-to-install MSC-EL Mini Slide with integrated electrical drive from Rexroth reduces the installation effort required for customized handling systems to an absolute minimum.

Pneumatically or electrically - suitable for your application

Available in different standard lengths, the Mini Slide can travel to any position from 50 mm to 150 mm and has the same installation and cross-section dimensions as the pneumatically driven MSC Mini Slide .

Rexroth has thus, once again, further enhanced the interchangeability of different drive technologies within the Easy-Handling building system for handling solutions.

Simple and fast assembly

The form-fit connection method, which features the Easy-2-Combine interface, provides for quick connection without the need for auxiliary adapter plates and extensive adjustment.

Advantages at a glance

  • Integrated drive (ball screw assembly, belt auxiliary transmission, motor)
  • All sizes optionally with holding brake
  • Ready-to-install solution: Pre-assembled cable sets and standard attachments
  • User-friendly parameterization of the sequence control by means of predefined basic parameters
  • Maintenance-free thanks to long-term lubrication
  • Energy-efficient electromechanical drive