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Ball Rail Systems with Gear Rack

Ball Rail Systems with Gear Rack


For applications demanding large strokes as well as high speeds (up to 5 m/s) Bosch Rexroth AG can supply matching gear racks with pinion drive for its ball rail systems.

Practically any length of stroke is possible by arranging the gear racks in series. A modular design means you are free to combine any runner block, rail and gear rack. This system solution is generally possible for Rexroth ball rail systems in the sizes 25, 30 and 35. Gear racks and runner blocks can be combined at random in all three sizes.

The modular product package cuts the user's design and production costs for gear racks and pinion drives. And because of the coordinated components he has less assembly effort (only one drill row).

Hence the user can turn to Rexroth not only for the mechanical parts needed to construct his drive but also for the electromechanical components such as motors and matching controllers – all from one source.

Benefits at a glance

Modular design:

  • three different sizes with three different lengths
  • can be connected in series at random, thus enabling very large strokes
  • gearing, coupling, motor and controller are available in a kit

Assembly-friendly version:

  • only one drill row is needed for the guide rail and gear rack
  • relative alignment of the guide rails and gear racks is automatic

Robust and precise:

  • gear rack and pinion are hardened and ground
  • helical gearing enables higher moments plus lower noises