Calculation Program for Profiled Rail Systems and Screw Assemblies


With this new design calculation program, Linear Motion Designer 2.1, Bosch Rexroth is offering engineers a tool for easy dimensioning the profiled rail systems and screw assemblies. The program covers the complete range of Bosch Rexroth roller-, ball- and miniature rail systems, as well as the ball screw- and planetary screw assemblies. The specialist in linear motion technology has produced a user-friendly software solution that satisfies all the requirements of practical project planning and offers engineers unique opportunities to select and dimension the linear motion components themselves. By entering the process data – dynamics, masses and forces – just once at the beginning, users can then compare different applications simply by changing the system parameters.

Furthermore it is possible to dimensioning the profiled rail system and the screw assembly in one calculation with the same process data.

The Linear Motion Designer 2.1 includes many different variations (applications), for profiled rail system:

1 guide rail – 1 runner block

1 guide rail – 2 runner blocks

2 guide rails – 2 runner blocks

2 guide rails – 4 runner blocks

2 guide rails – 6 runner blocks

2 guide rails – 8 runner blocks

The variations with 2 guide rails the program includes a deflection calculation. This allows users to rapidly perform the necessary calculations and find the optimal solution to match their technical needs and budget.

The program also outputs an image visualizing the calculated configuration. The printout offers freely selectable coordinates for adaptation to the customer's own coordinate system. 3-axis applications can be conveniently and flexibly calculated by entering transverse acceleration rates.

This program is available in following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese

Bosch Rexroth supplies the Linear Motion Designer 2.1 software (with update-function) free of charge to his customers in form of a Download. System requirement: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.

Before using of the software training is recommended.

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2006: LMD 1.0 (Firts edition)

2012: LMD 1.1 (Updated database)

2013: LMD 2.0 (Upgrade with Screw Assembly dimensioning and updated database)

2014: LMD 2.1 (Integrated update-function, another languages and updated database)

2014: LMD 2.1 - update (few little changes, updated database)