Roller Rail Systems


Our roller rail systems allow you to move even the heaviest loads with a minimum of effort all with the design-based rigidity and resulting precision that users of high-performance machine tools and robots require. Our roller rail systems are available in a range of different accuracy specifications.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Extremely high load capacities in all four main loading directions
  • High torque capacity
  • Smooth, quiet running thanks to the optimized design of the roller recirculation system and guide elements
  • End seal fitted as standard
  • Optimized design of lubrication ducts keeps lubricant consumption to a minimum
  • Lube ports can be positioned on all sides for ease of maintenance
  • Guide rail available with optional cover strip for simple fitting
  • Integrated, inductive and wear-free measuring system available as option, up to 4m measuring length with resolution smaller than 1 µm

Heavy-duty size 100 and 125 roller rail systems

Rexroth’s size 100 and 125 roller rail systems featuring an antifriction-bearing design are designed for heavy-machinery applications.

Profiled Rail Systems for Cast Mineral Mounting Surfaces

During production of state-of-the-art cast mineral parts, special casting technology is used to make high-precision components which require no machining and which are mounted on a raw cast mineral base. Rexroth profiled rails with no bottom groove guarantee good contact along the entire mating surface even when high torque is applied to the mounting screws. Click

Roller rail systems with integrated measuring system

The integrated measuring system for ball rail and roller rail systems consists of a scanner (with the AMOSIN Measuring Principle) with sensor system pinned to the runner block and a steel scale built into the rail. Machine malfunctions are thus kept to a minimum.