Cables for ErgoSpin handheld nutrunners

  • Secure and reliable data transfer thanksto digital technology
  • Maxium cable length of up to 100 meters enables flexible hall design

Additional information

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The ErgoSpin hand-held nutrunner is connected to the CS351E… Compact System or to the LTU350/1 servo amplifier via a connection cable. For extension, up to 5 of the connection cables listed at the side may be connected one after the other in any order. For applications in which the hand-held nutrunner is in constant motion, we recommend constructing the connection from several individual parts. The minimum bending radius for the listed connection cables is 130 mm. The total length of the connection cable may be up to 100 m when connecting to a system box or card rack. The connection cable to connect the CS351... Compact System with 230 V/110 V can measure up to 50 meters in length.

Connecting card racks and system boxes

The network coupler cables connect individual BT356 card racks and SB356 system boxes together. A combination of card racks and system boxes is also possible. The length of the network coupler cable between the individual card racks/system boxes can be as much as 50 m. The entire length of all network coupler cables may not exceed 150 m.

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