Modular system

  • Safe and fast commissioning
  • Can be upgraded to up to 40 tightening channels
  • Combination of tightening spindles/ErgoSpin
  • Multi-channel tightening system

Additional information

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The SB356 system box and the BT356 card rack, made from durable stainless steel, are required in the modular system to support the control and power electronics. Besides the VM350 power supply module, the BT/SB can also be equipped with up to six tightening channels. The tightening channels comprise an SE352 or SE352M control unit that controls up to two LT35… servo amplifiers for tightening spindles or LTU350/1 servo amplifiers for ErgoSpin hand-held nutrunners. Mixed operation of a tightening spindle and ErgoSpin on an SE352 or SE352M is possible at any time.


The KE350 or KE350G IL communication unit is responsible for system-internal and external communication. It is inserted in the outermost BT/SB slot, instead of the sixth servo amplifier. When the KE350 or KE350G IL is inserted in the first SB  or the first BT, up to 16 BT/SB can be connected together via the NK350 or NK350S network coupler and NKL network coupler cables. The flexibly programmable logic integrated in the KE350G IL is in compliance with IEC 61131-3 and gives the user countless automation options for the entire tightening process. Unused slots must be closed off with dummy panels for safety reasons and for reasons of electromagnetic compatibility.


  • To accommodate the control and power electronicsfor up to six tightening channels
  • IP54 protection class
  • To accommodate the control and power electronicsfor up to six tightening channels
  • For assembly in the control cabinet or to the mountingplate using mounting brackets
  • Safe and fast commissioningv
  • Used to supply power to all the slots in the BT356 card rack or in the SB356 system box
  • Safe and fast commissioningv
  • To control and monitor the tightening process of up totwo independent tightening channels per control unit
  • For hand-held nutrunners and stationary spindles
  • Safe and fast commissioningv
  • To coordinate individual control units and organize the interfaces with external systems (e.g. PLC or central computer)

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