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IndraMotion MLC

IndraMotion MLC 13VRS

Motion logic control for hydraulic drives

The new and improved IndraMotion MLC is a motion logic system which is not only optimized for hydraulic drive tasks but can also be used to operate electric, hydraulic and hybrid drives. With open programming and interfaces, as well as scalable hardware and software, it is consistently easy to use and can reduce your engineering workload by as much as 50 %.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • New hardware support: XM21, XM22, CML75 controllers; VPx industrial PCs; S20 2-axis module for connecting hydraulic axes to the MLC
  • Auto-tuning and automatic path identification for quick hydraulic axis start-up for the position control
  • The axis interface bundles PLCopen motion function modules into an easy-to-use interface for drive functionality: less programming code and more powerful commands speed up application development
  • Enhanced synchronization functionality
  • Rotary axis support (SSI/incremental encoders)

Key technical data

  • Central control of up to 32 hydraulic axes
  • Extensive hydraulics libraries
  • PLC programming to IEC 61131-3
  • Connectivity with Sercos, Multi-Ethernet (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP) and PROFIBUS
  • Scalable control system based on IndraControl L and XM hardware
  • Flexible, hydraulic-specific I/O axis in a modular or block design