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Z2DB/Z3DR sandwich plate valves

Hägglunds CA 10 to 40

More power, more possibilities, fewer costs

The new direct-controlled pressure limitation and pilot-operated pressure reduction valves are the new benchmark in sandwich plate valves: with better performance (max. pressure up to 350 bar) and more applications (ATEX-compatible). These new valves are also highly responsive, quiet and stable, even with increasing flows.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • More power: 350 bar max. pressure for increased productivity
  • Safer: approved for use in ATEX zones with ignition risk analysis (no special types necessary)
  • More rugged: optional corrosion protection
  • More cost effective: attractive price/performance ratio

Useful information


Key technical data

  • Sizes: 6 and 10
  • Max. pressure: 350 bar
  • Flow: max. 60 l/min (size 6) and 120 l/min (size 10)
  • For fluids: HL, HLP, HFC, HFDU, HFDR, HEPG, HEES, HETG, etc.
  • Approved for use according to ATEX Directive