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Sytronix FcP 5020

Sytronix FcP 5020

An affordable complete set

Based on current variable pumps and an optimized frequency converter, affordable drive solutions are available specifically for small power units and large systems with low dynamics. Pre-configured drive sets give you flexibility in a wide range of applications. Standardized control cabinets for the converters are an ideal addition.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Affordable drive solution for low dynamic performance requirements
  • Flexible thanks to pre-configured sets
  • Easy installation in the supplemental CAB-X standard control cabinets
  • FcP 5020: sensors can be connected directly to the converter – for simple wiring and speedy installation
  • DRn 7020: optimized energy efficiency and installation space – through intelligent speed reduction and power limitation

Key technical data

  • Nominal power: FcP 5020: 0.25 to 18.5 (90) kW; DRn 7020: 15 to 315 kW
  • MOT-FC motors with NEMA and IEC certification
  • For use in constant pressure systems
  • For open hydraulic systems
  • Single-quadrant operation
  • Ethernet-based communication and Open Core Engineering exclusively available for Sytronix series 7020
  • Connectivity with Sercos and Multi-Ethernet