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Sytronix SvP 7020 and EPn 7020

Sytronix SvP 7020 and EPn 7020

More compact, more networked, more efficient

The latest control unit generation of the SvP 7020, opens the door to new, future-proof possibilities such as Industry 4.0. Take advantage of all of the benefits of these customized, compact solutions that are easy to install and start up: These compact units ensure not only less noise, but higher dynamic performance with energy savings of up to 80 %.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • More compact: high power density even in smaller machines
  • Future-proof: easily integrated into i4.0 environments, easily connected to Open Core Interface
  • More energy-efficient and dynamic
  • More practical: pre-assembled motor-pump assemblies with asynchronous or synchronous motor as needed
  • Easier: installation and start-up
  • Connectivity with Sercos and Multi-Ethernet, PROFIBUS and CANopen

Key technical data

  • Max. effective power: 80 kW
  • For use in axis control systems
  • For open and closed hydraulic systems
  • 2-quadrant operation possible (also 4 quadrants with SvP)
  • Scalable performance: with basic and advanced control units from IndraDrive building system
  • Up to 150 mm less installation length: 25 % more compact in upper power range
  • Motor-pump assemblies (MPA) can also be ordered separately