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IndraControl XFE

IndraControl XFE

Flexible function extension

Flexible, functional addition to the IndraControl XM control family: IndraControl XFE now offers modular extension options for performance class XM21 and higher. The concept allows up to three extension modules on a controller at the same time. This allows you to extend functionality easily and affordably.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Simple and flexible extension of the system functionality
  • High-performance integration into the control system
  • Flexible configuration of fieldbus connections (master/slave)
  • Simple and rugged design
  • Maintenance-free thanks to the lack of wear parts such as fans and batteries
  • Optimal system integration into motion logic applications

Useful information


Key technical data

  • IP20 rating
  • Connectivity with Sercos, Multi-Ethernet and PROFIBUS
  • Master or slave modules for cost-optimized use
  • Powerful system connection via PCIexpress
  • Extended temperature range from –25°C to +60°C