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NY4114 high-performance multi-axis controller

NY4114 high-performance multi-axis controller

Controlling extremely fast movements with Linux

The NYCe 4000 controls complex processes from a single unit. Including drive functions, simulations, and diagnoses. Specially designed for the low-voltage range up to 150 V with high motion control requirements, extreme speed and precision. The platform now has a powerful, open, Linux-based motion control unit.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Fast: powerful 32 kHz servo control algorithms
  • Customized: customer-specific motion upgrades, including MIMO at 8 kHz
  • Highly flexible: integrable drive module with 15 to 150 V DC bus voltage for servo and stepper motors
  • i4.0-compatible: open Linux operating system with real-time extension
  • Shorter time to market: developer environments based on Visual Studio and Eclipse
  • Programming in C, C++ and .NET

Useful information


Key technical data

  • Compact: integrated motion controller, drive modules and I/O interfaces
  • Extremely fast: 32 kHz position control with numerous pilot control and filter options
  • Motion unit with dual core A8 processors: 1 GB flash, 1 GB RAM, MicroSD flash and USB
  • Linux operating system with Xenomai real-time extension
  • Eclipse-base development and debugging environment