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Open Core Interface for drives

Open Core Interface for drives

Direct connecting of IndraDrive and IT automation

Open Core Interface for Drives gives IT automation applications direct access to all drive parameters – for all IndraDrive drives from 100 W to 4 MW, whether centralized or decentralized. The Sercos Internet protocol (S/IP) used facilitates standardized network communication at the production level.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • High-level language programming with C/C++ and C#
  • Smart device programming in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio plus Xamarin
  • Expansion of operation and service concepts
  • Direct Java programming for use in databases and MES systems
  • Direct access to all drive functions, parameters and PLC variables
  • Drive-controlled positioning and drive-internal interpola- tion using high-level language functions
  • Use of WebConnector for Industry 4.0 protocols (MQTT, CoAP, LwM2M, etc.)
  • Support for Node-RED and Node.js in IoT applications
  • Implementation of web-based or company-wide M2M applications based on Java