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Sercans Sercos master module

Sercos Sercans master module

Connect drives and I/O devices to PCs with ease

The cost-efficient Sercans S is ideal for small and simple serial systems in packaging and processing, assembly and handling. Sercans M is the standard for most applications. And

Sercans L, with a minimal cycle time of 62.5 μs, for large, complex, high-end systems.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Increased productivity due to short cycle times
  • Reduced wiring costs thanks to safety functions being operated by CIP Safety on Sercos
  • Exchange secure data with comprehensive safety peripherals for spread-out systems using CIP Safety on Sercos
  • Minimal cycle times and high rate of data throughput to the host application (Sercans L)
  • Ideal for using TenaSys, Linux with PREEMPT-RT-Patch and QNX Neutrino with the Intime real-time operating system
  • Practical: connect any Ethernet user directly – without additional hardware
  • Sample program in C programming language

Simple and cost-effective implementation

  • The new Sercans family is an easy and affordable option for implementing Sercos automation bus in controls.
  • The new Sercans S model can be used in inexpensive PCs for cost savings.
  • With firmware version 3, Sercos and EtherNet/IP devices can now be easily and comfortably connected to the same Ethernet port (with existing software stack for EtherNet/IP). So you increase your productivity quickly and efficiently.
  • With the Sercans module, you can connect the IndraDrive drive family and the IndraControl S20, S67 I/O and Sercos devices from many suppliers to a PC with ease – and benefit directly from the Sercos properties.

Key technical data

  • Sercans L:
    • minimal cycle time of 62.5 μs
    • up to 511 Sercos devices per card and 2,000 per PC
    • system extension with up to 120 secure nodes via CIP Safety on Sercos per card and 480 per PC
  • Sercans M:
    • PCI and PCI Express interface available
  • Sercans S:
    • up to 10 devices and one card per PC