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Interactive ActiveCockpit

Interactive ActiveCockpit

View everything live, decide everything quickly – and communicate

As an interactive communication platform, ActiveCockpit processes and displays production data in real-time. IT applications from production planning, quality data management and sending e-mails are intelligently networked with machine and system software functions.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Current and consistent performance figures: make decisions quickly and efficiently on the shop floor
  • Save time and avoid errors: with direct connection to any back-end system (ERP, MES)
  • Customer-specific: integrate your own web applications as widgets
  • Universal: communication tool for employees at all levels
  • Clear: better structure and documented team discussions
  • Customer-oriented configuration: thanks to intuitive web application
  • Automatic minutes function: saves time

Key technical data

  • Browser-based software, can be extended via apps/widgets
  • Connect to MES/ ERP back-end systems with i4.0 interface
  • Scalable end devices: tablet, PC, touchscreen
  • Intuitive user interface: customized configuration via administrator
  • Functional data management: supports structured data storage and quick retrieval