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TS 5 transfer system

TS 5 transfer system

Manage up to 400 kg with easier assembly and more flexibility

400 kg per workpiece is a hefty claim. But the new TS 5 transfer system can handle that easily – even in the harshest environments. With numerous improvements, such as new lift transverse units and drive units and a sleeker design, you now have more freedom in planning and assembly. An ideal, economic solution for any application.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Maintenance-free: friction roller conveyor with king shaft drive
  • Modular: more flexible building system
  • Fast: simple planning with high reliability through the use of MTpro

Key technical data

  • Track width: 455 to 845 mm
  • Max. total weight of workpiece pallet: 400 kg
  • Conveyor speed: 2/6/9/12/15 or 18 m/min
  • Max. section load: 380 kg/m
  • Optional galvanized or nitro-carburated roller surface