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EMC-HD electromechanical cylinder

EMC-HD electromechanical cylinder

Moving extreme loads with less energy

This robust electromechanical cylinder was developed for use in heavy-duty applications. As a complete building system with integrated planetary or ball screw assembly, it is designed for efficient operation even under harsh conditions.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • High energy efficiency and small environmental footprint
  • No leakage
  • Simple, rugged design for long service life, even in harsh environments
  • Complete building system and multiple combination options for high flexibility to serve a broad range of applications
  • Precise positioning, high dynamics, powerful drive and a long service life due to the use of precision screw assemblies
  • Optional port for a one-point lubrication system reduces downtime and saves time and money
  • Less design and installation work thanks to a complete, turnkey system
  • Intelligent drive system for free programmability and implementation of complex traversing profiles

Key technical data

  • Dynamic load rating (Cdyn): 50 to 470 kN
  • Max. axial force: 290 kN (pull/push)
  • Max. traversing speed: 1 m/sec
  • Max. stroke: 1,700 mm
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Connectivity with Sercos and Multi-Ethernet