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ODiN Condition Monitoring

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Know today what to expect tomorrow and beyond

Regular maintenance is good and important, but it can become expensive if parts are replaced or repaired too early, or even worse, too late. As the level of network integration and the need for just-in-time production increase, so too does the negative impact of failures and production downtimes. They can quickly have effects well beyond your own business. Nowadays the magic word is condition-based maintenance – on time, cost-effective and without long waits for replacement parts.

If ODiN connected with our service agreements , you have the perfect solution for maximum system availability


A new level of quality for maintenance: Online Diagnostics Network – ODiN


With ODiN, Rexroth has brought condition monitoring to a completely new level. Truly realistic condition monitoring is not possible unless very large volumes of data can be continually collected and analyzed in real time. Thanks to ODiN's secure online connection, comprehensive data mining for predictive analytics is now possible for the first time. Huge amounts of physical measurement data from machines worldwide are anonymously analyzed.


Our Services

  • Planning and installation of ODiN Condition Monitoring
  • Central data storage and analysis
  • Continuous reporting on the status of the machine and variations which could lead to failure
  • Recommendations and advice about necessary maintenance
  • Implementation by an expert, global service network

Your benefits

  • Reliable predictions on the status of your machine
  • Summarized status reports for your machine in the Rexroth Service Portal
  • Cost savings through condition-based maintenance
  • Maximum system availability thanks to early detection of causes of machine downtimes and rapid initiation of the necessary maintenance
  • Expert, comprehensive service from a single source