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Product Overhaul by Bosch Rexroth


Product Overhaul – sustainably increase the availability of the plant

In order to avoid a negative impact on the entire production process, machine operators search for cost-effective options to improve the reliability of the plant. A product overhaul executed by Rexroth Service experts helps to increase productivity. Rexroth Service overhauls components according to certified Rexroth factory standards to produce technically new parts.

By replacing the relevant wearing parts, a preventive product overhaul ensures the availability and productivity of the machines. Experienced Rexroth Service Experts identify the necessary measures on-site and carry out the replacement and commissioning of the overhauled components on the customer’s request.

This helps to reduce the maintenance costs during the entire life-cycle of the machine. Drive and control modules are restored to as-new condition with full warranty - similar to a new component. This way the uptime of plants gets increased with minimum outlay.


Further Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs during the entire life-cycle of the machine
  • Replacement of all wearing parts with state-of-the-art hardware and software
  • Increased cost-effectiveness due to exclusive use of original spare parts with a warranty