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Realizing safe presses easily -
with Rexroth hydraulic controls


Realizing the hydraulic functions in press applications easily and safely: The new modular 4X series type M press control combines standard and safety-relevant functions in the basic module. The press module is a hydraulic press control and designed to be integrated into hydraulic presses in accordance with EN693 or plastic and rubber machines in accordance with EN289 as safety-related component. The safety-related hydraulic control complies with Category 4 in accordance with EN954-1:1996 as well as with ISO13849-1 and is validated in accordance with ISO13849-2). The industrial application area is extended to include all kinds of machines, whose closing movements have to comply with the safety requirements of the above mentioned standards.

Numerous standard functions in the basic module, such as load sensing, stageless press capacity settings, rapid motion load transfer or differential circuit cover around 50 percent of the applications in presses, plastics and rubber machines. In addition, the basic modules are also equipped for the addition of the IH15 control plate. They are responsible for the control oil treatment for the pump regulation and pilot-operated valves.

Economical safety

  • Standard and safety function in one basic module
  • Modular add-ons
  • Safety functions up to PL e and Cat. 4 in accordance with ISO 13849

Protection measures against risk1)

Prevention of unintended drop below own weight

Prevention of unintended drop below own weight on the way back

Prevention of unintended starting from idle state

Stopping of the dangerous movement

One-channel slow speed in the case of command settings with automated reset

1) Only the hydraulic control is concerned. Further control elements (such as protection features and electric logic) are required for the complete safety function.