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Bolshoi Theater: 600 drives safely under control at all times.

Project designation Complete renewal of the stage automation
Industry: Stage technology
Technologies Stage control technology, electric drives, hydraulics

Safe stage operation with more than 600 drives.


It is one of the most famous stages in the world: The Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. As general contractor, Bosch Rexroth has planned, installed and commissioned one of the most modern stage automation systems. It comprises more than 600 electric and hydraulic drives as well as stage control technology for upper and lower stage machinery. In this context, safety is crucial, since the actors and technicians work under suspended loads.

In stage technology, too, new findings and technical progress change safety technology. This applies, in particular, to high-performance drives in the upper stage machinery. In a test bay developed specifically for stage technology drive systems, Bosch Rexroth engineers conducted extensive test series for emergency stops. The result: In the test set-up, which mostly corresponded to the conditions in a theater, loads much bigger than twice the nominal load occurred at both, the moving loads and at the machine. Thus, all components involved in the power transmission have to be constructed to be much stronger.

In the test bay for winches, the newly developed hydraulically operated safety facilities from Rexroth show a significantly softer emergency stop behavior. This affects both problems: It protects the moving loads and releases less forces that impact the overall construction. In the case of these drives, the actual load corresponds to or is even smaller than twice the nominal load.

The Rexroth stage control technology SYB 3.0 offers the highest level of safety in all constructions. Intelligent sensor technology and numerous software features of the Rexroth stage control prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Thus, the collision wizard supports the operator with performing movements in the system safely. Before and during the movement, the software warns the operator of conflicts and gives the operator enough time to react. The safety measures comply with the strict requirements of Safety Integrity Level 3 in accordance with EN 61508.

Ihre Vorteile

  • Safe winch design on the basis of maximum loads measured during emergency stops
  • Safe stage control technology
  • Intelligent software assistants for automated safety functions

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